What is Learning Analytics?

Learning analytics is the measurement, analysis and reporting of data about learners that is used to optimize their learning experience. With STEMDash, we focus on optimizing learning for early childhood education.

STEMDash is a learning analytics tool that analyzes the performance of children to optimize their learning of early STEM concepts.

Learning Performance

Learning performance is one of the most important indicators to determine if children are confident and active in their learning. With STEMDash, parents and teachers are provided information they need about their learner(s) - the amount of time children are engaged, information related to their mastery of STEM concepts, and how they compare with other learners.


Engagement in activities


You will have control over how your children engage with each STEMDash-connected educational app.

You can control the amount of time each child is engaged in each activity, chat with them to provide encouragement, or view their performance in real-time.

Development of STEM skills

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives.

With STEMDash, you have access to simple reports with powerful information about what STEM skills are being developed and how to improve your child's learning.